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Dairy Laneway using pine flake on tracks

Dairy Farm using Pine flake (post peelings) on dairy laneway

Winter is  the busiest time of the year for dairy farmers ordering woodchips to put on dairy laneways to prevent lameness.

Here is a spreadsheet that will help you calculate the Real Cost of Lameness in your herd. (Courtesy : Dairy Australia)  Diary Australia also produced this document  Managing in wet conditions”

Dairy Australia recommends that wet “tracks can be topped with sawdust, woodchips or finely crushed rock/limestone as a temporary fix in areas that have deteriorated during wet conditions.

• Use a thick layer (at least 300mm thick) when using soft topping materials such as sawdust or woodchips. Use sleepers to keep the material contained

• Consider topping the last 25m of track with sawdust or woodchips if the cattle are carrying
stones onto the concrete holding yards…”

Check out and read  how dairy tracks and wet areas can be topped with sawdust, woodchips, mulch or used for feedlots.

DairyNZ in its brochure  “standing_off_a_cows_perspective”  recommends “A well-drained woodchip pad works the best of all the surface types”  The brochure also outlines case studies making the case  for effective winter management using post peelings and sawdust.

Like to save money?   We recommend that Dairy Farmers  contact us early in the year well before you actually need woodchips, post peelings or sawdust as suitable product can run short and delays can occur as a result.   Woodchips are lighter in summer so you get more per load and save money.


Horsham Go Kart track with woodchip safety barriers

Horsham Go Kart track with pine woodchip safety barriers



The floods in 2011 wrecked the Horsham Go Kart Club track barriers.  Glenn is a keen a go karter so rather than send cash to victims of the Queensland we thought we could help out a bit closer to home.  After a few phone calls we were able to help the Horsham Go Kart Club by delivering a couple of loads of pine wood chips which were used to reinstate their safety barriers that had been washed away.  Glenn and family were at the track a week later – still a bit wet but everyone was off and racing again!