bark-25mmbark-12mmPLAYGROUND SOFTFALL12mm – 25mm pine bark or pine chip graded to size.  This product  has been accredited, by our supplier and is safe for playground undersurfacing.  Tests conducted on the impact absorption properties of soft fall material prove that it performs to the AS/NZS 4422:1996 standard. It is recommended that softfall be applied at an uncompressed depth of 310 to 375mm (for heavy traffic areas)   Please contact us for a no obligation free advice and quote  0409 693 927.


PINE BARK 12mm & 25mm – This graded pine bark product is also suitable for spreading on garden beds  to retain moisture and act as a mulch for garden plants.  It is durable and long lasting.  The color will fade into a natural grey weathered look over time.


black-bark-finesPINE BARK <12mm FINES – This product is pine bark which is passed over sizing screens twice and results in a less than 12mm product.  Ideal for manufacturers of potting mix blends for commercial nurseries.




colored-red-chipCOLORED  PINE CHIP – Red or Black dyed pine chips are used for a garden beds and commercial properties for enhancing the visual look of landscaped areas whilst acting as a water saving mulch for plants.




calf-yardsPINE WOOD SHAVINGS – Kiln dried absorbent sweet smelling wood shavings are great for animal bedding.  They absorb waste and keep animals dry and warm.  Used for chickens, ducks, horses, pigs and cattle pens.  After cleaning the yards and pens customers use the waste material to spread on paddocks as compost with great results.




pine-mulchpost-peelingsPOST PEELINGS & WATER SAVING PINE MULCH – This product can be used as on dairy laneways, bedding in piggeries, poultry farms and horse stables.  It is useful as  a cheaper water saving garden mulch for large garden beds and  planting areas such as rural living properties. Spread around plants and trees to stop the ground from drying out and inhibit weed growth.  Great for freeway and roadside verges as it binds together well and doesn’t blow away.   Useful for mulching and erosion prevention.


catlle-yard-sawdustSAWDUST – Green or kiln dried sawdust is available and each type is suitable for various uses. Ideal for spreading on wet sheep yards to keep sheep fleece uncontaminated during shearing and maintaining sheep skin values.

PINE WOOD CHIPS – Used for dairy laneways to prevent lameness in cows.  Wood chips are also used for large landscape areas and sporting groups such as karting clubs for safety barriers. Regional Livestock Exchange saleyards use woodchips and sawdust as soft flooring in overnight and  cattle selling pens. This has proved to be extremely effective in eradicating foot soreness in cattle resulting from standing and walking on concrete floors. Animal welfare is improved, cattle are happier leaving the yard in less stressed condition.